Rental Finder

Finding your next home to rent has just become far easier. Properties advertised on can now be at the fingertips of prospective tenants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Rental Finder iPhone App.

Get the Rental Finder App
Rental Finder Rental Finder Rental Finder Rental Finder Rental Finder

With Rental Finder;

  • Instantly view nearby properties on a map
  • Search in a suburb or scroll to an area and 'tap to search'
  • Look at the home open times coming up
  • Get in touch with the agent by phone or email with a single touch
  • View high quality images
  • Beautifully optimised for the iPhone4 Retina Display
  • More properties than ever before
  • "5 star" reviews!
To have a look simply download the app;
  • On your iPhone/iPad, click "App Store".
  • Search for Rentfind (type it in the top right corner of the screen).
  • In the search results, click "Rentfind Rental Finder".
  • Click "Install".
Rental Finder is a fantastic and easy to use tool and given its capacity to deliver quality information about thousands of vacant rental properties at any time, we are sure that it will become an integral part of the process of finding a new rental property.